What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is one of the most popular innovations in modern plumbing. It is a way of deep-cleaning drains without the use of harsh chemicals or intrusive snakes that can damage older pipes. It is eco-friendly, fast, and effective. If your Bonita plumber recommends hydro jetting to clean your pipes or clear a stubborn clog, you might wonder exactly what this service entails. Here are the most important things to know about hydro jetting plumbing services.


How It Works


Hydro jetting uses a high-pressure jet of water to clear clogged drains. The jet of water is so powerful that it cleans the interior surfaces of pipes, effectively removing even the most stubborn limescale and debris buildups. A plumber uses special equipment to push water upstream, from the bottom of a home’ system to the top. Gravity moves the debris the water dislodges down, flushing it out of the system.


What It’s For


Hydro jetting is a safe and effective way to fix clogs, clean pipes, and resolve slow drainage. Unlike traditional drain snakes, hydro jetting deep-cleans the pipes rather than just boring a hole in the blockage. A plumber in Bonita might recommend hydro jetting to solve many common drain and plumbing problems.


Is It Safe for Older Pipes?


Hydro jetting uses just water, pressure, and gravity to take care of drain clogs and related problems, without the need for abrasive chemicals or drain snakes. For this reason, it’s generally a safe drain-cleaning method for older pipes. If your plumber can’t use adequate pressure for hydro jetting on your pipes, he or she may recommend a more suitable solution. Lack of strong chemicals also makes hydro jetting a family-friendly and environmentally sustainable solution.


Trust a Professional


Don’t attempt something like hydro jetting on your own. The process might seem simple, but it requires professional equipment and expertise to work safely and effectively. Your plumber needs to know the right water pressure for your pipes and the situation at hand. Otherwise, too much pressure could damage your pipes. A professional can also let you know if your clogged pipes indicate a more serious problem, such as tree root penetration. Trust our Bonita plumbers with drain-cleaning services, including hydro jetting, for plumbing you can trust.





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