Signs You Need Emergency Plumbing Services

In the summer, plumbing emergencies in Chula Vista, CA can quickly get out of hand.  Even if you have a plumbing problem and don’t think it is serious enough to be an emergency, it could become one if you don’t have it serviced quickly.

  1. Your water is the wrong color. If your water isn’t clear, then you could have rust, lead, or other harmful toxins in your water from corrosion.  The corrosion in your pipes could be from a drain that is blocked or a damaged pipe in your plumbing system.
  2. If your drains are blocked, a blocked drain could be because of an isolated issue like a foreign object, or you could have a problem with your sewer line. If you have a blocked drain and keep using your pipes, you risk having sewer backing up into your home.
  3. If your drains have a bad odor, this is probably a sewer line problem that needs to be repaired. Consider bad odors in your plumbing an emergency.  It could only be a matter of time before you have structural damage or need more repairs than necessary if you wait.
  4. If your water pressure is weak, then you could have a plumbing emergency. If you flush your toilet and it takes too long for the water to rise again, this could be a sign of a leak.
  5. If you have sewer backed up into your home this is dangerous to your health, so call BPI Plumbing for emergency service right away.
  6. If your water doesn’t run at all, you might have a blockage in your water line.
  7. You hear noises coming from your pipes. Gurgling or banking from your pipes means you may have a break in your sewer line.
  8. If you don’t have any hot water, your water heater needs to be serviced before your home can function well.

If you think you have a plumbing emergency, you probably do.  BPI plumbing can get to your home in Chula Vista right away to help you get the plumbing in your house back to proper working order.




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