Signs You Have a Problem with Your Water Heater

If you think you may have a problem with your water heater at your home in Chula Vista, CA, Bonita Plumber is available for repairs and preventative maintenance.  Consider having your water heater checked during the fall months to make sure that you don’t run out of hot water when the weather is colder.

  • You don’t have hot water! If your hot water isn’t working at all, it could be as simples as replacing your heating element or fixing a troublesome pilot light.  You could also have a buildup of minerals causing your water heater to be less efficient over time.  If you have hard water and buildup is the problem, consider having your tank flushed and install a water softener system.
  • Noises from your water heater could mean that you have sediment built up or you have a tank that is about to start leaking. Having your tank flushed and inspected as soon as possible is a good idea!
  • If the water coming from your faucets looks cloudy or smells like metal, then you probably have minerals in your water. These minerals and rust can come from your water heater.  While your health may not be in danger, your water heater will probably need replacing if it has rust in the tank.
  • If your pressure relief valve leaks, it may be because of corrosion. Minerals can buildup and cause the valve to fail.  If your valve isn’t working right, it could cause severe damage to your home and be a safety hazard to you and your household.
  • Your water heater tank may spring a leak. If you see water around the outside of your water heater, this is because of corrosion, and it needs replacing.

Many water heater problems can become emergencies because of structural damage when the tank leaks, or even worse with a faulty pressure release valve.  Get your water heater checked regularly and replace older water heaters to have better efficiency and lower energy bills.


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