Four Essential Fall Plumbing Tips for Chula Vista Homeowners

The temperatures are gradually beginning to drop in Chula Vista, California, which means now is the time to take preventive steps to preserve your plumbing before it gets chilly. Making a point to follow these steps in advance can help you avoid a host of plumbing issues that tend to emerge as the weather becomes colder.

Look at Your Drains

Check all of your home’s faucets by turning on the tap and looking to see if the water is draining slowly. While you’re at it, turn on your showers and bathtubs to check their drains as well.
Be sure to turn them on high so you can see if your drains are working at the optimal level. If you notice that some of your drains are slow, this can indicate a plumbing problem that can potentially get worse if it isn’t taken care of promptly, so be sure to reach out to your plumber as soon as possible.

Look for Signs of Leaks

Check underneath your sinks for leaks from the pipes, and don’t forget to check around the taps. To check your toilets for leaks, pay attention for sounds of running water when they’re not in use, as this could indicate a hidden leak. In addition, you should also check your shower and garden hose for cracks and leaks this season. If you discover a crack or leak in your pipes, have it repaired now before it grows to be a bigger problem.

Check Your Piping System

Fall can take a toll on your home’s sewer system. If you have recently had problems or simply want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sewer system is functioning optimally, consider investing in preventative maintenance services in Chula Vista this season.

Call for Water Heater Maintenance Services

Making a point to schedule yearly maintenance for your hot water heater can help extend its functional life. Though the vast majority of water heaters will continue working for an average of 8 to 12 years, water heater services can improve your appliance’s efficiency and reduce the cost of your monthly water bills.

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