Emergency 24 Hour Plumbing Service

With 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we’ve probably seen every kind of Chula Vista and Eastlake plumbing problem or emergencies that affect residential and commercial properties.

As a quick list, here are some of the plumbing emergencies that we have encountered and successfully dealt with over the years.

Clogged Toilets
Clogged toilets are one of the biggest nightmares for any home, establishment or any property owner in general. Not only does it leave your toilet unusable, but it can also create a very revolting scenario that can definitely turn anyone’s stomach upside down.

There are many culprits to a clogged toilet, from small children’s toys to sanitary napkins and others, but whatever the item may be, if it doesn’t belong in the toilet bowl, we’ll get rid of it for you.

Sewer and Drain Blockages
Drains also suffer from clogs just as frequently as toilets, although the reasons or the cause of the clog may be different. For instance, kitchen sink drains often are clogged because of tiny food bits and oil that accumulates in the drain, while in the bathroom the cause is mostly fallen hair.

In the garage or basement, it’s usually lint from the laundry or dirt from washing the car. Garden drains usually become clogged because of roots, soil, and dried leaves. In an indoor setting, we can usually get rid of the clog with an auger, while outdoors, we may need to use a more powerful tool like a hydro jetter.

Leaking Fixtures and Burst Pipes
Leaks are common issues, and many property owners often think that they can ignore them and attend to them later. Soon though, they find that the leak has travelled throughout their homes, leaving water stains everywhere and even weakening the property’s structure.

The worst is when these leaks completely break. They can quickly lead to flooding. Don’t wait until your basement is flooded; get those leaks fixed right away.

Failing Water Heaters
There are many reasons why a water heater fails to function properly, and fixing these issues will require the expertise of a plumber or a technician. You should never attempt to fix a water heater on your own, lest you risk being electrocuted.

If you don’t see your plumbing emergency above, don’t worry, because we are more than confident that we can to deal with it promptly and effectively.

Our team of professional Chula Vista plumbers and technicians, along with our arsenal of plumbing tools and equipment ensures that whatever your plumbing emergency may be, we’re ready to fix it.