Drain Cleaning & Clog Repair in Bonita

Clogged drains are very common Bonita plumbing issues that plague many residential, commercial and office spaces. As such, drain cleaning and de-clogging products are one of the most commonly bought in stores across the nation.

These products were made of course with the best of intentions, in the hopes of helping DIY’ers tend to their clogged drains on their own and thus be able to save money on plumbing repairs.

Unfortunately, these “over the counter” (OTC) drain clearing solutions are not always the best solution to a clogged drain – in fact, the wrong product may actually do more harm than good to an already troublesome drain.

The Unseen Side Drain Cleaning and De-clogging Products
Almost all OTC drain-cleaning products are composed of strong, acidic and oxidizing chemicals in their formula, chemicals that are usually used to dissolve major types of clogs and grease or grime build up in your drainpipes. In general, these solutions do work, although there are certain consequences that are to be expected.

For one, these same chemicals negatively impact your drainpipes by creating chemical reactions that lead to corrosion – and at a quicker rate at that. Over time, you will find yourself having to deal with leaking, corroded, or even collapsed pipes.

Another negative effect of using OTC drain cleaning solutions is that the harmful chemicals they contain pose some serious threats to your health.
Simply opening the bottle and inhaling the fumes that it emits is already a health hazard as it can trigger asthma attacks or introduce the development of certain respiratory issues. These chemicals can also cause burns when they come into contact with your skin or eyes.

Looking at the long-term effects on your drain system and the health risks associated with OTC drain clearing products, it isn’t really a wise choice to forego the services of a professional Bonita plumber just so you can save some cash. You may actually find yourself spending more in the future, as the need for pipe replacements or medication will soon arise.

Leave Drain Cleaning to the Pros
Drain cleaning isn’t as expensive many think it to be. In fact, with BPI Plumbing, you can get quick and effective Bonita drain-cleaning services at very affordable rates.

Our drain cleaning approach involves the use of drain snakes and state of the art hydro jetters, and although we use drain-cleaning chemicals, our expert handling makes them safe for you and your drainpipes.