Chula Vista & East Lake Drain Cleaning

Many people often wait for their basement or shower floors to flood before calling a Chula Vista (Eastlake) plumber to deal with the blockage. This doesn’t mean that you should too, though. Instead, be more vigilant and act on the problem before it ever happens. How do you know if you need drain cleaning services before a clog occurs? Here are some things to keep an eye out for.

Recurring Clogs
Some property owners resort to using drain cleaning chemicals to clear their drains, and often times these solutions do work. However, if you find yourself purchasing drain cleaning products and using them frequently, this may mean that only a portion of the clog has been removed. In this case, the services of a professional plumber are needed to eliminate the blockage.

Multiple Clogged Drains
If you notice that clogs keep occurring at the different drains in your home, chances are that the clog is located somewhere in the main drain and not in the individual drain lines. These kinds of clogs will be very difficult to reach with an ordinary drain snake, and no over the counter drain cleaning solution will be effective in dissolving such a clog.

Foul Odor Coming from the Drains
One sign of a clogged drain is when you start to smell a foul, sewage-like odor coming up from the drain. The smell actually comes from the growing number of bacteria in the blocked drain, which is a result of the organic materials that are starting to decompose inside it. This particular issue can easily be resolved by clearing the drain of the decomposing material and flushing the drainpipe.

Strange, Gurgling Noises from the Drains
Whenever you flush water down the drain and hear gurgling or bubbling noises, this is a sign that you may have a drain that is soon bound to be completely blocked. The sound is the result of air trying to escape from the drain, and since there is a clog, they have no other way to go but through the water and up the drain.

If you noticed any of the signs above, then you’re definitely one step ahead of the others, and at this point, be sure to call on a trusted Chula Vista and Eastlake plumbing company like BPI Plumbing to help you stop the problem before it wreaks havoc on your property.