Ditch the Drano, and Call a Professional

When we face the dilemma of a clogged drain, our first instinct is to go out and buy one of those products that promise to clear the clog and get our plumbing fixture draining properly again. However, this may not be the smartest choice. Many offices, businesses, and homes face a clogged drain problem every day, but as much as everyone loves a quick fix, these products can often harm your plumbing if it already has a problem.

DIY Products Are Bad for Your Pipes

Products that you can buy over the counter contain harsh chemicals, which is why they are able to dissolve buildup in drains and get rid of clogs. Unfortunately, these same chemicals cause tremendous wear and tear on your plumbing, leading to worse problems down the road. The chemical reactions these products create cause corrosion, which leads to more expensive plumbing issues like leaks or even collapsed pipes.

Chemicals Are Unhealthy

When the fumes from a bottle of liquid drain cleaner are inhaled, they can be a serious risk to one’s health. They can cause respiratory problems to arise and sometimes induce asthma attacks. It is especially dangerous if these chemicals come into contact with the skin or eyes, as they can cause burns. The medical costs that a consumer may face after using these over the counter drain cleaners far outweigh the cost of trusting a clogged drain to a professional.

The best and safest way to clear up a clogged drain in your Chula Vista, CA home or business is to trust your pipes to the professionals at Bonita Plumbing. Professional drain cleaning is not nearly as costly as most people think, and it is sure to save money in the future. We use drain snakes, hydro jetters, and cleaning agents that are safe for your pipes to ensure your clog is gone and your plumbing is working efficiently. Call us today at (855) 746-4274 for a quote.

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