Common Plumbing Problems and Their Causes in your Home

Plumbing, it’s something that not everyone is familiar with or has enough knowledge to fix problems related to it on their own. However, this blog will explain a few key things for any house owner to know and will help you prevent such plumbing issues from happening in your home!

Common plumbing problems

While you couldn’t name all the plumbing problems that exist in a day, there are some that are recurring in certain homes and that many people are having to face. Here are a few to be aware of!

  • Continuously running toilets
  • Water pressure being too low
  • Leaking pipes

Now that you know some problems many homeowners are having to deal with and find help dealing with, let’s take a look at a few common fixes for these problems so that you can fix these problems without having to call your local plumbing service company and trying to explain your problem!

Running toilets

The cause for this problem for many people is that they have old parts or broken parts. A specific part to ensure is working properly is your overflow pipe! This resembles a long tube in the toilet tank. Check for any cracks or opening in this pipe, if any are spotted, replace this part.

Low water pressure

For this problem, you should first locate which areas of your home have low water pressure. Once determined, clear pipes leading to that water source as a clogged faucet commonly causes it.

Leaking pipes

In words, the process to fixing this is rather simple, however, when trying to do the fix for real, it brings a new level of difficulty. First, you should locate where the leak is coming from, check if it is leaking from a joint or from the pipe itself.

If the water seems to be dripping from the joint, an easy fix for this is to tighten that joint to make sure it is properly sealed. However, if the leak is in the pipe, replace the part of the pipe where the water is leaking.

If you are having any issues with plumbing, call us at Bonita Plumbing today.

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