Should You Choose a Tankless Water Heater?

At Bonita Plumber, our team strives to help our customers choose the most cost-effective and reliable plumbing solutions for their homes. Many homeowners in the Chula Vista area have decided to upgrade their home plumbing systems with tankless water heaters. … Continued

5 Benefits of Water Filtration

Water filtration is a great way to have healthier water in your Chula Vista, CA, home, or business.  While most tap water is considered safe to drink in the United States, the truth is that the chemicals and treatment processes … Continued

Top Plumbing Problems for Fall in California

When the weather starts to change in California, one of the biggest plumbing problems that homeowners experience is with clogging and sewer lines backing up during rainstorms.  Consider having your drains checked in the fall to make sure that they … Continued